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Authentic Relating - for a world pulsating like one whole healty body

Management and human potentiality

I am...

I am a management consultant working with human potential since 2007.

I focus on the possibility to bring forth our innate human potential in our everyday life at work.

I hold corporate hourly and full-day sessions with individuals and teams.

By techniques of authentic relating, we efficiently unlock draining patterns and access the human potential in the team. We expose ourselves to ourselves, through which the underlying unique qualities naturally arise and the true innate potential of the team is brought forth.

By exposing ourselves to what is, we realign with our personal and professional core. This makes it possible to be ourselves and use our innate intellectual and intuitive qualities necessary for success in our professional as well as our personal lives.

By contributing to an enhanced creativity and potentiality in the individuals, these interventions sequentially contribute to the general well-being in our society and creates an ongoing dynamic; a context where the individuals feel part of a greater whole.

By connecting our internalized consciousness (who we are) with our external world (what we do), we will do what we do (work) with an increased mental capacity, happiness and love. The world around us is a reflection of that and the corporate world exits in the midst of it.

I love working with individuals and teams in the corporate field to reconnect with the source and make us more efficient, focused and creative in our work.

I see...

I see the rise of multidimensional wealth in present day corporations as the seed to establish new material-environmental psycho-spiritual paradigm and well-being worldwide.

I believe in an innate human quality. Our natural undestroyable longing and ability to create and to contribute. By just being here as ourselves with each other - it is brought forth. When we are a clear natural expression of our authentic selves (internally and externally) we love and when we love we are happy and have access to our creative mind and our interconnected heartsoul – linking our personal well-being to the collective well-being worldwide.

Instead of being locked into limiting identities and tasks, I believe the rise of our individual well-being and freedom of expression will contribute to the success of corporations and the development of well-being globally. When wealth is not primarily measured in material factors, but rooted in emotional and spiritual health, it can gradually expand without limitations (internal infinite resources are used rather than natural finite resources).

The growing incentive to incorporate the personal passion, mission and authenticity of all coworkers, can give rise to a natural development of individual well-being and promote our innate longing and ability to contribute to the world around us.

In this process we bring our personal core into our career and professional ambition.

I believe...

I believe everyone should be allowed to and encouraged to be who they are and do what they are here to do. It is the wonder and responsibility of this world.

We know when we do it. Others know it too. We see it in each other and feel it in ourselves. We know when we turn towards it and strengthen it. We recognize it. The world around is a reflection of it. Life is created when we do, and held back when we don't. It is natural. We hold the seed in our hand in every moment and its innate quality is to bloom.

The merge of the extrovert externalized consciousness (what we do) and the internal internalized consciousness (who we are) holds great potential. It's effects on personal well-being, professional success, global health and leading paradigm, is potent.

In our sessions...

In our sessions we explore these realms in the specific reality relevant to you.

My background is management, yoga and therapy.

I am looking forward to co-create with you and contribute to you with my unique qualities, experiences and expertise.

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